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Welcome to this blog! Seven years ago, Datula, “Dottie passed away after losing her eleven-year (11) battle against thyroid cancer. I was stricken with grief and sadness, not only at losing my partner, but also the person who had become my best-friend of many years.

Suddenly, I had no one to care for, no one to call during the day, no one to call me with the latest news update.  Nor was I prepared for the inevitable change in the structure of my days that was ahead. I was literally asking  myself, “What am I going to do now?”  I was very lost and sad for several days! Maybe that’s what is called depression, but I don’t know. Anyway, I bought and read all sorts of books about death and dying, grief, the after life and so on.

Somewhere in this process, I started to think of all the wonderful times we had together, and the happy memories started to flood my thoughts. It was then it occurred to me that that perhaps it would be nice to create a website in Dottie’s memory,  to share our story and also share thoughts about coping with grief. No doubt, many of you have lost loved ones at one time or another, and have a lot of thoughts on the matter that you would like to share too.

Thoughts about the website simmered for many years, finally coming to a boil after the seventh anniversary of her death. So this is my attempt at bringing the ideas alive, which I hope will do justice to her memory, and the ideas that float around in my brain.

You will find and an obituary, a eulogy, photos, a guestbook, a forum for discussion of grief and cancer, and a bookstore on the subject as well. I encourage you to explore the site, and share the memories and thoughts we try to present. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to sign the guestbook, or leave a comment, or participate in a discussion on one of the forums.

Thanks again for stopping by, and do share this link with someone you know.

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