Dottie’s Hobbies & Interests

Dottie88r2 300x254 Dotties Hobbies & InterestsDottie had many interests, most of which claimed her devotion for varying periods of time:

  • Singing, Drama:

Dottie loved to sing. She always amazed me with the different types of songs she knew and could sing. She knew regular hymns, as well as songs from a little song book which was popular in many churches. She also seemed to know just about every nursery rhyme, and delighted in singing them. When I needed help learning songs for my scout troop, she seemed to know all the songs in the scouts song book I had as well.

Dottie also had an interest in drama. She participated in several production of plays at her church for Easter and Christmas concerts. Not only did she have an interest in performing, but also as a patron of the theater.

  • Cooking and Baking:

She liked to cook and was always ready to prepare a tasty meal. She was always challenged to prepare meals for me though, due to my observing a diet free of meat and seafood. I was therefore the beneficiary of her culinary experiments. One of my favorite dishes which I dubbed “Tomato a la Dottie” was her version of stewed tomatoes. I never felt as though anything was lacking in my meals, nor did I ever miss eating meats and fish as my meals were always tasty and satisfying. Dottie was also known for her baking. She baked fruit cakes, especially at Christmastime, Easter Buns, as well as puddings and other pastries. Her cornmeal puddings were always a hit at family gatherings.

  • Sewing:

Dottie had a keen eye for fashions, and from time to time she engaged in sewing. She sewed shirts and dresses that garnered the admiration of her colleagues and friends. She shopped for materials and had an assortment of dress suits made for herself as uniforms. It was not long before her colleagues persuaded her to shop in bulk for materials, so they all could have similar outfits as uniforms.

She also kept up with varying fads, by resorting to her sewing machine. There were many fads, such as the Dashiki shirt, which became very popular in Jamaica at one time or another. Needless to say, I proudly wore a few of her creations. There was also no shortage of curtains or small pillows around our house.

In spite of her schedule, she found time to donate her skills to a Boys Scout troop in Morant Bay, St. Thomas, Jamaica, by shopping for materials, and sewing scarves for over forty boys.

  • Tie-Dye:

She also did “Tie and Dye” and demonstrated good skills in doing so, resulting in quite pleasing tee shirts and other products.

  • Pottery:

This is perhaps the one activity that somehow did not claim a lot of her attention. She engaged in this briefly, making all sorts of broaches, small flower pots and other items.

  • Sports:

She was an avid sports fan, always showing a keen interest in cricket and boxing. It was always a delight to watch her during the Cricket World Cup, when there were matches in places like India and Australia with the West Indies Cricket Team. Like most other fans of the sport, she would have a radio glued to her ears, listening intently. She too, would often be a little sleepy in the daytime, from having stayed up during the night to listen to the live commentaries of the game.

Her interest in boxing was similar in intensity. It went to the extent that she regularly employed a few expressions from the boxing lingo in her everyday life. It was due to such common usage at home, that the announcement of her death was framed in that way.

  • Dancing:

Dottie loved to dance.The Teacher’s Association Balls were her favorite, but it really never mattered who was the host, as long as the musicians she enjoyed were performing. Her feet never seemed to tire when there was good music around! Performers such as Byron Lee & The Dragonairs, Ernie Smith, Sonny Bradshaw, and Pluto Shervington were sure to get her on the dance floor and keep her there.

A keen sense of humor, endeared her to her family, many friends and colleagues. She would tell the most hilarious jokes with just a little smile.

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