I recall an incident which occurred after her first spinal surgery. She was required to wear a full body brace to avoid curvature of the spine during the healing period.

One day we went to a local department store, and while she was looking at some merchandise, a little girl approached. She inspected the strange looking brace and asked Dottie, “So what happened to you?”

With her love of children, Dottie was in no way offended and proceeded to explain to the little girl about the surgery and why she needed the brace.

Of course, you can imagine how the little girl’s mother felt when she overheard her daughter’s question! So she hurried over to apologize to Dottie, who calmed her and assured her that it was alright, no offense was taken.


Once she went to her long-time hairdresser and while waiting to have her hair shampooed, she observed that there was an active little boy there. He was being told over and over again to be quiet and to sit still.

In a few moments she called him over and started talking with him. Before long, a concert was in session! The little boy was very excited to read, recite and perform for her. All the adults were delighted. They clapped and cheered for him – he was no longer disruptive!


One parent reported to Dottie how her daughter arrived home upset and complaining that teacher (Dottie) had spanked her. However, the following morning she was hurrying her parents to leave for school because she did not want to be late. So her mom remarked that she thought she was upset at being spanked by her teacher. She replied that she was, but she loved her anyway. Then there were those who lingered in the classroom during recess. The only way to get them to go for recess, was for her to go with them. So she was often on the field playing games with them.

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